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World War One Poets and Writers: Mary Borden

Mary Borden set up hospitals during WW1 - experiences that inspired her later novels.

Khaki University

Khaki University allowed Canadian soldiers to expand their education during their downtime in WW1.

The Man Behind PBS's Mr. Selfridge

American Harry Selfridge started a department store empire in London.

History of Easter Traditions

Chocolate candy and eggs is a tradition that dates back to the Victorians.

Notable People from World War One: Vera Brittain

Nurse and author Vera Brittain lost many people she loved during WW1.

Sit Down to Dinner in 1910

Travel back in time and see how dinner differed by social class in 1910.

Battle of Hill 70

The Battle of Hill 70 relieved pressure off of Passchendaele.

The Merits of a Classical Education

In the early 20th century, the classical education was replaced with a progressive education.

Causes of World War One: Assassination

The assassination of Austrian-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand set the dominoes of WW1 in motion.

Causes of World War One: Regional Conflicts

Smaller conflicts strengthen alliances and hostilities prior to #WW1 .

Causes of World War One: Militarism

Nations’ arsenals grew prior to WW1 as nations competed with one another for power.

Causes of World War One: Nationalism

Those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it. Nationalism was a major cause of WW1.

Causes of World War One: Alliances

Alliances were formed prior to WW1 to keep the European powers from going to war.

Freak Show Act to Gentleman

Joseph Merrick is better known as the Elephant Man.

Trial of the Century

Decades before OJ Simpson, there was another trial of the century.