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The Tale of HMHS Llandovery Castle

Llandovery Castle was a hospital ship sunk by a German U-boat during WW1.

History of Father's Day

Father’s Day was informal holiday until the 1970s.

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World War One Casualty Rates

WW1 casualty rates were in the millions.

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The End is Near

The battles that comprised the Hundred Days Offensive ended WW1.

Causes of Death: Tuberculosis

Sanatoriums once were commonplace in an age of TB epidemics.

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The Capture of Mons

The Capture of Mons took place on the final day of WW1.

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Notable People from Wordl War One: TE Lawrence

Thomas Edward Lawrence is better known as Lawrence of Arabia.

Causes of Death: Cholera

Cholera: The mere word once caused fear.

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History of Burn Treatments

Burn treatment in #WW1 was rudimentary but it worked.

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Journalism at the Turn of the 20th Century – Melina Druga

Journalism at the Turn of the 20th Century – Melina...

Treating Bone Fractures in the Early 20th Century

Bone fractures once led to death.

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Causes of Death: Typhoid Fever

Typhoid killed rich and poor alike during the Victorian era.

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Battle of Canal du Nord

Canal du Nord was part of the Hundred Days Offensive.

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Notable People from World War One: Violet Jessop

Nurse Violet Jessop survived the sinking of two ships.

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Surgery During World War One

WW1 led to many medical advances, particularly in surgery.